Education Outreach

The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation has instituted an educational program to build character and promote responsible citizenship in middle and high school students. The lesson plans included in the Character Development Program use best practices based on national standards and core values, and are enhanced by the use of video teleconferencing with a Medal of Honor recipient to address student assemblies or classrooms.

This educational program does not seek to paint war as glamorous or popular. Instead it encourages students to consider courage from their own perspectives and think about what bravery means to them. The Character Development Program is the legacy of Medal of Honor recipients, who use it to inspire the youth of America to be great citizens of their communities, their country and the world.

For more information or to learn how to launch this program at your school, please click here.

MOH Recipients Visit Schools
A middle school visit from the 2012 Convention

A middle school visit during the 2012 Convention

As part of the 2013 Convention, Medal of Honor recipients will have the chance to visit local middle and high schools who have implemented the educational program and talk with students about what it means to have received this award and hear their thoughts on honor and bravery.